Getting to Grips with Google Analytics – From the Ground Up

Understanding Google Analytics

When you are starting out there is so much confusion and trying to understand what is what, it can seem like digging into bottomless black hole trying to get the right information to get you started.

So here, I will give clear steps for WordPress users how to set up your Google Analytics code on your website in 4 easy and clear steps. For all websites, setting up your website for Google Analytics is the same but how you add to your website will be different which I will cover in another blog. So let's begin……
Q: What on earth are Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tool from Google found at where you use your gmail email to sign in and add your website. This will track and help you to analyse all the visitors to your website. From this you will be able to determine better marketing strategies for your business. Kinda cool, eh!

There are numerous free tools by Google to help your website perform better. Google Analytics is purely to analyse people coming to your website and where they come from plus LOADS of data such as demographics, location, interests and behaviour plus loads more. It's purpose it to help your marketing, NOT your SEO. OK Emer, STOP, what's SEO? Don't confuse me already!

Q: OK so what is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization and relates to how your website will rank on a search by someone, ie. they go to Google (or another search engine but Google is King, let's face it) and type in something they want, hey presto the list of choices of websites appear. First website is ranked #1 based on the search. If what they are looking for is relevant to your business, well if your website is ranking well it will appear close to the top. If not, it will be buried below lots of other websites that they can choose from. There are simple rules for SEO but ultimately in my opinion, you need to have amazing content on your website for your customers, first and foremost. Content is King also! Ok I hope that gives you a quick idea of SEO but right now we are talking Google Analytics which has nothing to do with SEO. Google Analytics is a tool to help you understand where visitors to your website.

Q: So what is the fuss about Google Analytics?

Using the reports in Google Analytic, you can see tends of where your visitors are coming from and are coming from along with other very interesting data from Demographics to Interests/Behaviours bu also where your traffic is coming from regarding your social media. You could be surprised (because I have seen it happen) where you thought your target audience was can give a very different view to who actually visits your website.

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