Web Hosting Service & Why I choose Hostpapa

Choosing the Right Web Hosting Service for You & Your Business

A question I often get ask, how do you choose or know what is good Web Hosting Service. For me, key is reliability and support no matter what plan you go for because at some point, things will go wrong! After a nightmare with a previous provider with a messy and out of date knowledge base and frustrating support to say the least, getting the backup you need when things go wrong is essential. First, check is their online help, do they have clear tutorials that flow together

Because I own .ie websites, limits me on my choice of wWeb Hosting Services as not providers can support .ie domains. Another point to note, some say, server location is important too with Google rankings but I have yet to see any evidence backed by Google on this.

After a lot of research on different Web Hosting Services before finally deciding on hostpapa. Rated as one of the highest for support, hostpapa supports .ie domains with the added fact the are a green company is something that very important to me because servers do have a very negative impact on the environment. Currently, I am just on the Business shared hosting plan with Hostpapa, at $12.99pm after the offers end with chat service always available and next day response on any support ticket I have submitted if something can't be resolved in the chat. It is more than adequate for my needs so definitely have no problem recommended something I use myself.


What is the Difference between all the plans?

For starters, shared plans are more than enough once you go to a good provider when you are starting out.


Shared Hosting

Think of a shared plan like a hostel, each bed is a website but everyone shares likes of the bathroom, kitchen etc. With a reputable provider and well-managed servers, this is not a problem, but if not managed and overloaded, queues appear for the services especially during peak times. Trust me, unless you have high volumes at one time reaching your website, this is more than enough starting out.


VPS (Virtual Private Servers) Hosting

VPS are still shared servers but if think of it as an apartment block, every account is self-contained so there is no queuing for the services. If your website is very busy and starting to slow on shared hosting, you can upgrade to VPS for a more reliable service.


Dedicated Server Hosting

As the name suggests, dedicated servers mean one server per business. This is for large businesses and most who would need this level will have their own servers anyway. It is like you detached mansion, has everything you could possibly need and more.

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