In Search of the Best Video Editing Apps for Android

Having recently got my OnePlus 3T mobile, storage is no longer something I need to worry about and it is time to play. I’ve been having lots of fun testing out new video editing apps that you can work on things at any time without waiting to get back to the laptop.

Following the recent MojoCon event in Galway, I came away with lots of ideas to play with but unfortunately, the mobile journalism world is dominated by iPhone and iOS so my search continues for great apps to let you create videos for your business on the move. Another point, you will have to use a combo in most cases to get the desired result but here are the apps I used to create this video from the Coronas from their live radio interviews.

In case you don’t know, I’m a huge fan of the Coronas and they released their 5th album, Trust the Wire on Friday 2nd June. They very kindly gave me permission to play around with footage from their promo journey so I will be compiling videos to share the journey of an album release.

I just loved this acoustic cover version from Danny O’Reilly, lead singer of the Coronas with Maria McKee’s ‘Show me Heaven’ from the nineties and the movie, Days of Thunder. This a real power ballad from a female singer but works so well with Danny’s voice.

Starting with this cover version, which as sung live on their radio interviews, I downloaded the podcast from the radio website and trimmed the file to just have the song. The graphic is from the Coronas with their permission.

Please note: Music is copyrighted and you need to have permission to use material from others, not just musicians. More about copyright in this blog here.

Their new album, TRUST THE WIRE is available now to download on iTunes. #TrustTheWire

The Coronas – Show me Heaven (Cover live on radio)

Intro made with same apps

Trimming the File:

Audio MP3 Cutter Mix Converter from AppzCloud Technologies 

This app is so easy to use and with a zoom option, it is the best I have used to date for editing on the go. I have used this for personal projects too, sampling and merging music to create a track.

Yes, like a lot of apps when you first download, there are a lot of ads but developers need to and should get paid somehow for their work and this is definitely one I had no issue buying the Pro version for just €2.49 on the Play Store.

Available from Google Play Store here


Video Editing:

FilmoraGo from Wondershare Software

The initial clip I used in the video was only 30secs long so I repeated the file to fill up the length of the song. I only started using this app very recently and it has some great features with it. The effects were created by a theme and just played around with it. Included, are a limited number of pre-sets for free and it will cost you to remove the logo at the end.

FilmoraGo is also available for Desktop. I haven’t tried it yet as this was a mobile editing project but intend to and will report back.

Available from Google Play Store here


Video Trimming/Cropping

Crop and Trim Video from Alpha Project 

I could have played with the length of the video on FilmoraGo but I had already saved it off when I realised the song finished before the end. So, I went to another favourite app of mine, Crop and Trim video. While this will do the usual trim, it is a cool app to crop just an area of your videos, remove unwanted space and just save them off as well as blurring effects. Definitely, this is another app worth going Pro with.

As an end note on paying for apps. A lot of time and development goes into apps (trust me, I’ve done some app development myself) so when you find a good one, and one you use regularly, do the decent thing and support the developers and buy the app for a couple of euro.

Available on Google Play Store here

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