If you need advice or interested in a quote, you can book a call to organise a chat to see what is best for you. Unlike many developers, I don’t just pull a crazy figure out of my head or cut corners to make your project fit. Based on your requirements, I will help you decide if you wish to continue to the planning & solution design phase.

We look at what you already have and how to create a digital eco system for your business, from social media setup, email database, business development to ensure you fuel your business online. It is pointless to build a website or have our online assets not linking together in synergy.

NB: For TOV Applicants

Due to high numbers I have to be very strict about one call per person and I want you to make the most of it.

If there are no available slots left online, please just text or whatsapp me (087-9492656) to arrange a call.

If you are unsure of what you need for your business, I highly recommend joining me each Monday morning at 10am where I am giving weekly trainings on how to prepare a really good brief.

If you go to suppliers with a vague requirement brief, you may end up with something you don’t want because of lack of communication.

So what must be included in a good requirements.

2-3 Business goals/ideas you want for the project

2-3 Customer needs and how you are going to do that.

How you plan to fulfill the export requirement

NB: You do not need to know how to do this from a technical or online perspective. What I am looking for is clear business ideas on how you can bring extra value and sales to your business. You also might think there is no way I can do this online. Forget about that for now. Get a short list of ideas from a business perspective, that is all you need. Then we can do the rest to find you the best solution.

Still unsure? That’s absolutely OK, join me for my Monday morning trainings to help you really get that clarity and then you can book your call at a later start so we can go deeper.

Pop over to the resource page I have created to help us all succeed together.

Limited to one per business unless agreed on our call for further follow up.
Includes business outine submission, call & follow-up plan
Follow up advice for any of the other calls.

20min CALL

  • Explore and get clarity for your business online to find out the best next step for you and your business.

30min CALL

  • Submit your business outline
  • 30 min call to discuss and strategise
  • Follow up plan

15min CALL

  • Follow up advice for any of the other calls.

To give you a guideline of prices:

Please note these are just guidelines, you may need less or more than you think you need to make your business work online.


FULL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS: (examples in our projects section)

Standard e-commerce solution: Budget required €4,000 to €6,000

Customised e-commerce solution: Budget required €6,000+ depends on the scope of the project

Learning Centre solution: Budget required €6,000+ depends on the scope of the project


STARTUP SOLUTIONS: (examples in our projects section)

Simple Startup: Budget required: €200 to €2000

For example: can include a landing page style website, social media account setup, email database, hosting and domain registration