Quality Websites on a Budget Starter Programme from €595

Kickstart Your Online Journey

Struggling to get your business online? We make it simple, fast, and affordable.

Ready for Day 1 of Your Online Journey?

Feeling lost or overwhelmed about getting your business online? You're not alone. But here's the thing: it doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming.

Welcome to the Ultimate Website Starter Programme, powered by WordPress, where we strip away the confusion and get you back to basics. Because sometimes, the secret to success is just starting right.

When trying to build your own website makes you feel like banging your head against the wall.

Who is this for?

Think e-commerce is the only way? Think again! Selling on a website isn't for every business. What matters is starting those key conversations that turn into sales. So who's this for?

Service-based businesses aiming to build trust and forge meaningful connections
Personal brands ready to shine.
Start-ups eager to lock in their branding from Day 1.


Been there, done that, got the T-shirt! I've been self-employed since 2005, built two businesses and let's just say I learned the hard way so you don't have to. With my IT know-how and UX love, I bring a fresh perspective to the table.

Order Matters: Get the basics right, and the rest will follow.
Clarity is Key: Know your fundamentals, and you're already ahead.
Time-Smart: Build a business that respects your time, not eats it up.

Your Toolkit for Success

What's Included:

A sleek, professional one-page website: Your digital handshake.
4-week group training: Get the lowdown on all things online.
Networking 101: Learn the art of effective networking within the group.
Complete Setup Guidance: From hosting to social media to Google, we've got you covered. You're in the driver's seat.
Ongoing Support: Quick check-ins to make sure you're on track.
Resource Library: Access to templates, checklists, and guides to keep you moving.
Exclusive Chat Access: Stay connected through our dedicated WhatsApp group for real-time support and networking.
Plus more community features in the future.

What You Need to Bring to the Table

No stress if you're starting from scratch; we'll guide you every step of the way!

Your Photos & Words: The building blocks of your online persona.
Show-Up Spirit: Be ready to invest time and energy into your business.
Unified Social Media Handles: Keep your brand consistent everywhere.
Domain & Hosting Access: Your slice of the internet.

Join the Ultimate Website Starter Tribe

Ready to take the leap? Brilliant! To keep this program affordable and impactful, we kick off when we hit our group minimum. So hop on the waitlist, and I'll loop you in on our next start date. Let's get this party started!
If you think you are ready to go it alone, absolutely but you will miss out on the group options. The price is the same for both.

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Want More? No Problem!

Need extra services like advanced SEO, custom graphics, or content creation? We've got you covered, but heads up—additional services come at an extra cost.

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