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Ultimate Website Starter Programme

Building your business foundations in a digital world

Are you a small business owner feeling overwhelmed or off course with your online presence or maybe don’t have an online presence at all? We all know we need to be online, but it takes up so much time you don’t have, right?

Mapping the foundation for your business online can feel like a complete mystery. Or maybe you feel like banging your head off the wall sometimes or just throwing in the towel with it all?

The secret nearly always goes back to the basics. That's why I create this programme, the Ultimate Website Starter Programme.

Who is this for?

Everyone talks about e-commerce but in reality, there is a lot of extra work people don't always consider when selling online plus it is not for every business. If you aren't clear about your business, it is not going to work well. Not every business needs to have the sale on on their website, I don't! But they need to be able to start the conversations that can led to a sale.

Service based businesses.
Building your Personal brand.
Start-ups to secure your branding.


I've been on my self employed journey since 2005 and I really went about it all wrong and put the cart before the horse. It was painful but OH BOY, did I learn from it. Because of my background in IT and passion for UX, I see and do things differently

Order of things is crucial
Being clear on your fundamentals essential.
Sustainable business from a time perspective a no brainer.

What's included

Professional One page website
Guidance for complete setup of hosting, social media, Google and more so everything is in your control
Full access to live trainings for 6mths to help you get started.

What you need to provide

Don't worry if you don't have these setup, we will walk you through everything.

Photos and written content.
Willingness to show up for you business.
Social media accounts.
Access to your domain and web hosting.

Apply now

To ensure this is right choice for you and your business, just get in touch and we can go from there.

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