The Basic Business Ecosystem

When I moved from IT to business, the thing that struct me the most was how disjoint everything was. Everyone is crazy for social media or working on their website. Business advisors were very good at making me busy, with no real direction. It became so deflating. I went back to the things I knew well that allowed growth, one was gardening and the other coding.

Within every good quality IT systems, there is an eco-system. So I looked at a basic eco-system and there are 5 basic components essential for an eco-system to survive and thrive.

I looked at a business model and how could that map onto a basic business eco-system and this is what I came up with that applies to any business no matter how small it is.

Inspiration for Business

We all need inspiration from somewhere. Using a UX mindset, I learn from the things I use and love myself then analyse the hell out of them.

Target Audiences

Just as we need air to breathe, we need a steady supply customers for business.
How are you staying on the radar of you potential customers? How do you convert your target audience into sales?

Our Peer Network

Like water in an eco system, we need a strong peer network who can validate our skills and authority in our area of expertise.

Business Basics

Without solid foundations and digesting what we already know, a business will neither survive nor grow.

Grow Your Business

Every ecosystem needs nutrients to grow, just like our businesses. Feeding our business the right nutrients will help it grow steadily.

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