Are you Hackable? Results for your quiz: Fort Knox Your final score: Very Secure You’re in the digital Fort Knox—high five! Your security game is on point. KiCrypt might not teach you much, but it’s perfect for the people you care about and make mistakes that can have a knock-on effect. I have made KiCrypt […]

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Are you Hackable? Results for your quiz: Safety Haven Your final score: Low Risk Welcome to Safety Haven! You’re doing great, but let’s keep pushing the envelope. Join KiCrypt: email updates for security wisdom, first access to courses, plus more in a easy to understand way, so easy even my Dad gets it. Share the

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Are you Hackable? Results for your quiz: Caution Zone Your final score: Moderate Risk You’re in the Caution Zone. Not bad, but still risky. Why be “just okay” when you can level up your online safety game? Get on it with KiCrypt—security tips that are Dad-approved. Up your digital defence. Join now for actionable tips,

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Are you Hackable? Results for your quiz: Critical Alert! Your final score: High Risk Time to act, like yesterday. Your risk of a hack is sky-high. Don’t freak out—get into action mode. Sign up for KiCrypt email updates. I promise it’s the Dad-approved roadmap to a secure digital life. Score urgent tips, course alerts, and

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Your quiz results The Careerist Persona While starting a business can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, it’s not necessarily the right fit for everyone. Entrepreneurship requires a unique set of skills and personality traits, such as risk-taking, adaptability, perseverance, and the ability to handle uncertainty and failure. Some people may find that they lack

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The Commander Persona The Commander is a highly goal-oriented and strategic personality type who enjoys taking charge and achieving ambitious targets. They can be effective as CEOs or senior executives in small businesses due to their strong leadership skills, strategic thinking, and direct communication style. However, the Commander’s demanding nature can be a weakness, and

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The Logician Persona The Logician personality type is known for their analytical problem-solving skills, attention to detail, creativity, and independence. However, they may struggle with emotional connections, delegation, and collaboration. To overcome these weaknesses and apply their strengths to running a small business, Logicians should seek out partnerships, delegate effectively, consider emotional factors, and stay

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The Architect Persona The Architect is a personality type known for their strategic thinking and ability to see the big picture. As a small business owner, Architects may excel in roles involving strategy and planning, such as CEO or director of strategy. They can use their analytical skills to make informed decisions and envision long-term

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The Debater Persona Debaters are logical problem solvers who enjoy intellectual debates and independent thinking. They are ideal for analysis, strategy, and problem-solving roles in finance, operations, or marketing. Debaters are innovative and challenge the status quo. However, they may struggle with time management and effective communication. To overcome these challenges, Debaters should prioritize their

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The Mediator Persona As a small business owner, the Mediator is best suited for roles that involve working with people or innovation, given their empathy and creativity. However, they may face challenges with assertiveness and practical aspects of running a business. To overcome these, Mediators can develop their assertiveness skills, set clear boundaries, and work

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