The Advocate Persona As an Advocate, you may excel in customer service or marketing due to your strong empathy and creativity. Your commitment to a positive impact and a strong sense of purpose can create a meaningful mission for your business. However, you may need support in managing the practical aspects of running a business, […]

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The Campaigner Persona The Campaigner is creative, adaptable, and empathetic, making them well-suited to running a small business. They are natural entrepreneurs, constantly exploring new ideas and possibilities. Their charm and people skills help them attract and retain customers, while their adaptability allows them to quickly pivot in response to changing market conditions. They are

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Your quiz results The Protagonist Persona The Protagonist, also known as “The Teacher” or “The Giver,” is a charismatic, empathetic, and natural leader who strives to make a positive impact on the world. As a small business owner, their strong sense of purpose, passion, and excellent people skills make them well-suited to building strong relationships

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