Day 200 of my 365 Video Challenge: Decoding My Thinking

Normalising Stress, Inner Diversity & Ripping Back to the Core

Quick Recap on How This Began

On May 29th, 2023, I took a leap into the unknown, challenging myself to post a daily Instagram reel for an entire year. “Why? The mere thought triggering a gripping fear, yet it wasn't the idea of creating videos that daunted me; it was about the commitment to share a part of myself with the world every day, with nowhere to hide every day for a solid year.

This journey has unfolded into a very public diary, offering a genuine and unfiltered glimpse of myself, leading to a powerful realisation: I am more than enough, just as I am.


Harmonizing Work and Play in a Diverse Way

I chose to embrace and showcase the diversity of my interests – from my favourite bands and love for horses to travels and business advice, sharing these facets whenever it felt right. To further this narrative, I curated my content with a deliberate rhythm: personal interests were highlighted during the weekends, while business-related topics took the stage from Monday to Friday. This pattern wasn't just about content variety; it was a visual storytelling of a balanced life, demonstrating that professional dedication and personal passions can coexist harmoniously.

Reflections: I.T. or not I.T., That Was the Question

Business was slow and I found myself disillusioned. The thought of returning to IT crossed my mind, but something held me back. It wasn't just a matter of financial stability; there was a deeper conflict at play. A podcast episode with Steven Bartlett and Marisa Peer struck a chord with me, particularly the notion that commitment can feel like imprisonment. The idea of returning to IT was akin to stepping back into a cell, yet there was a certain allure.

This attraction was rooted in my early days in cyber security, where I thrived as an Ethical Hacker. Those roles had sparked a part of my intellect that now felt neglected. As my career progressed, the initial excitement waned, leading to a loss of confidence and a dilution of my identity. This realisation was a turning point: it was the complexity and thrill of technology I missed, not the IT industry itself. However, I still relish working with beginners and didn't want to let that go either, enjoying the opposite ends of the spectrum.

When I was a teen, I passed the first round of MENSA but chose not to continue, fearing it would make me an outsider when I desperately wanted to fit in. Now, in my 50s, I’ve come to a profound realisation: I am an outlier, integrating every aspect of who I am, from one extreme to the other.

haha I swear the title is misleading! It's not all about sex but relationships. They love a good ole hook, right?
I sent it to my Dad. It is a brilliant episode.

Navigating New Paths: Ventures & Creations Unfold

Then, serendipitously, Enterprise Nation, an established UK network group, crossed my path. They expanded into Ireland in 2019, and invited me to take on the role of local lead for Connacht. Given my Dad is from Donegal, I also offered to include Ulster, acknowledging that Ulster and Northern Ireland are not quite the same. This opportunity is empowering me to showcase my approach in a tangible, experiential way. It's about bringing UX principles to life, allowing people to directly experience my methods. This gives me a chance to reimagine online networking.

I hosted my first meetup for both regions at the beginning of December, and I was blown away by the positive and supportive feedback from the attendees. It feels as if I've tapped into a source of energy that not only propels me forward but also sparks innovation and fresh thinking. Feeding that part of my brain that felt neglected. Looking forward to the next 100 days of my video challenge, I reflect on the incredible growth I've undergone since I started this. I've honed my skills in setting boundaries and understanding my needs, cultivating a deep sense of self-trust. As I gaze towards 2024, my focus is on making every moment count. It's about living life on my terms and fully embracing the diverse and multifaceted journey that awaits.

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