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Free Webinar Training (Mondays)

@ 10am (Irish Time)

Mondays at 10am, we will host a 1.5hr training to help small businesses understand the importance of looking at their business holistically, for scalability and sustainability and have a really clear view of their business requirements when they are looking for quotes or advice.

For those who attend or watch the replay will receive a checklist of action points and tools that we use to help you get the clarity you need to know exactly what you need to do next in your business to thrive and grow.

Replay will be available for 48hrs to accommodate timezones.


Free Trainings (Thursdays)

@ 10am (Irish Time)

Thursdays at 10am, we host another 1.5hr training to help small businesses understand the importance of user experience with our series, Websites Revealed.

This is an interactive training session where we take a walk through a website, built by the business owner and look at it from a user's perspective. There will be lots of shares, tips and how to find the best inspirations out there.

Replay will be available for 24hrs to accommodate timezones.


UPDATE [17-07-2020]

Things are a little hectic at the moment so we had a little think. We have been getting a great response from these trainings and we do believe they are really valuable to help people find balance and clarity in their business. So the good news is, we  are putting these trainings online so you can do them at your own pace. We think they will be even better because you get a chance to implement as you go. Stay tuned!

If you send us an email, we will let you know when they go live which should be in the next week. Fingers crossed!

We will let you know when the Online Training is Live!

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