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Oiliúint Beo Ar Líne

Approx. once a month I have regular trainings with my fabbabliss clients and we would live to invite you too along for the craic. Getting to grips with doing business online effectively is a bit of a mine field plus I have a very unique and fun way of really going on an adventure to discovering your clients online and how to leverage things.

Join me / Bí liom

We don't know, what we don't know and I sure as hell don't know everything! However, I have spent over 15yrs observing human behaviour thanks to my therapy business, over 2 decades (learning observing and trying to understand energy since I first discovered it through Aikido in college), non verbal communication via growing up with horses, dogs and other animals and of course tech, my nerd years started with I has 13 with my apple mac and I an NOT admitting how many years ago that was! lol Sure I'm only 21 with priceless experience! 

As compliance is ma thang, an I required to get you to do the whole GDPR either as a new sign up or if we haven't been in touch for a while. 

Oh yeah, why birthdays? Cos I love them and would love to send you a birthday ecard but it isn't required, just if you love birthdays too 🙂

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