What is the Ideation & Startup Business Phase?

Starting out in business can be very exciting and at times, overwhelming. Understanding the steps in the business process will help you get things in order and more importantly, stop you wasting time on things you don't need until later. Streamlining your ideas and getting clear on what is the easiest route to making money doesn't have to be so mystical. For some products, it is very obvious who the customer is going to be, however in reality, for the majority it is very muddy waters. We will aim to help you put things in order and get as clear as possible right from the get go. Clarity creates great businesses. You must be clear on your vision, otherwise you will waste a lot of time and money going nowhere.

One of the most common problems in business startups is the flood of ideas of the new business owner and the desire to do them ALL. This is detrimental and will fail. The ideation phase which is somewhat the precursor to the startup business phase is often not given the time to really tease out the ideas and see if they are viable business opportunities. The ideation phase gets wrapped up in the starting a business information and very soon, most lose sight of where they are going, or if they even knew where they were going in the first place.

Everyone gets so excited and thinks ‘I have a business idea, actually I have lots of them‘, and they have no idea where to begin so start doing everything. A business, really isn't a business until it is generating income so the faster you can get to this point, the better. Agreed?