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What's this about?

In November 2023, I became the regional lead for Connacht and Ulster at Enterprise Nation (EN), founded by Emma Jones in 2005. This UK-based network expanded to Ireland in 2019, with over 12,000 Irish businesses already members and a community of over 100,000 in the UK, that's a lot of opportunities, right?

I was searching for a new networking group at the time and EN has given me a fantastic opportunity to create my own group which taps into

My aim is to shape a networking group that's as effective as it is authentic, focusing on a user-driven experience. Let's make networking human and great for business!

Note: It is free to be a member on Enterprise Nation and you can join any group as well as mine. Make sure to connect with me too.

Connect with me on Enterprise Nation

You can find all the events I am hosting by going to my profile and signup via Eventbrite.

If you have any questions, just let me know.

Networking lead - Emer Carr, UX consultant based in Galway. Profile on Enterprise Nation where she is both an adviser and leader for the Connacht and Ulster Network.
What is networking: Networking is the strategic art of cultivating relationships that fuel collaboration and mutual support, all with the ultimate aim of catalysing professional growth and creating business opportunities.

Maximize Your Online Networking

Pre and Post-Meeting Strategies

The 15min Pre-Network Meeting Warm-up

4 Fast tasks to enhance your networking results

Having a prep ritual is like setting the stage for a performance where the goal is to engage with the group, not just show up and watch from the side-lines.

The 15min Post-Network Meeting Cooldown

4 Quick actions to solidify connection

Make your time count. Take 15min to seal in what you took from any meeting or class, not just this group. Priorities what you got from the session to get the most.

Networking Essentials

Straight Talk and Honest Answers

How To: Ace Online Networking Without the Waffle

FAQ: Networking Misconceptions Unravelled

Experience Events

Taste of their Events

Here's some official events coming up from Enterprise Nation that I am planning to attend in person or online. There are a lot more over the website, especially online.

Online Christmas Party!

We all need a Christmas party!

StartUp Show 2024

London. Saturday 27 Jan, 2024.

This is the 10th anniversary Start-up Show at King's College London on Saturday 27 Jan, 2024.

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