Have fun and learn at the same time. I have designed these quizzes to help get you thinking a bit more or even a bit differently about common areas of business that I find small business owners can really struggle to get their heads around. Please don't take the results seriously if you think, ‘that's not me!'. However, I would suggest taking some time to think about it what is right for you.

You can always send me feedback from the contact form. I love hearing people's thoughts and how I can improve things all the time.


Want to retake a quiz?

In order to retake a quiz you have already taken, you will need to clear the cache on your browser as the result is stored and will redirect if you try to take the quiz again.

* Note quizzes are for entertainment purposes and learning. I create the concepts and desired outcomes along with designing how I want them. The main purpose of these quizzes are fun and getting us thinking about ourselves and our businesses. I use the power of AI generation to help create the content.

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