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The Trading Online Voucher Grant
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The Trading Online Voucher Scheme

Dia duit, is mise Emer. I have start this resource page to me reach as many small businesses during the crisis and help them make the right choices for their business to bounce back into a very new future.

We create full web solutions for small businesses, for example, Learning Centres, Booking Systems and Automated Chats to help drive your business and your sales.

What is the Trading Online Voucher Scheme

And who is it for?

The trading online voucher has been around a long time where eligible small businesses could apply for the Trading Online Voucher Scheme through their Local Enterprise Office (LEO) and receive 50% of eligible expenditure (Net of VAT) up to €2,500.

Eligible Small Businesses

  • Any business with up to 10 employees
  • To create or improve online presence to generate business
  • Turnover less than €2 million
  • Business must be trading more than 6 mths (proof required)
  • The business must be in the catchment area of a participating LEO.

Resources for Trading Online Voucher Application

Here are some links you will need:

Other Great Resources

Learn about Google WebMasters directly from Goolge

Goolge is starting a second season of SEO Myth Busting on the Google WebMasters YouTube channel. Highly recommend subscribing to this and start to really understand SEO from Google's perspective.

Want to start a YouTube Channel?

Again, as we always say, learn from source. YouTube has an Academy for Creators to learn how to best use YouTube to build your brand. Here is their YouTube channel for all the latest on how YouTube works.

We will be sharing resources like this within our community which we are currently setting up. If you want to join, just let us know. We will have a joining system in place soon as we are redesigning our own website too right now as you can see.

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